When business owners and employees or representatives of a business get ready to order business cards, usually they experience couple different problems such as the quantity of the business card they need to order or the time of the order. What is obvious is that they should never run out of business cards. According to Murphy’s Law the day you do not have any business cards left is the day you are meeting a potential and possible long-term customer and you have to give your contact information on a restaurant napkin or receipt.
As you know the business cards are one of the most professional marketing presentations of your company and practice. It is recommended to keep at least 250 business cards at your business location and keep about 20 or 30 on you wherever you go.
The standard printing turnaround time for business card is 2-5 business day. We guarantee that your order will be shipped on the 5th day of ordering. It is possible that your order will be ready to ship out on the third day but we do not guarantee. With our grand shipping method using UPS the cards will be delivered to you with in 2-4 business days depending on in which state you are located. Our customers in Las Vegas, California, Utah, Arizona and Texas usually get their card in 2 days after printing turnaround time is finished. It is recommended to order your cards 7 working days ahead. We are not counting Saturdays and Sundays and holidays as working day.

When you order business cards at www.hikeprint.com, you will see that most of the items have rush order option available. Order placed and approved before 11:00am PST will go to print the same day and will be shipped by third day.
If you are attending to a trade show or seminars or have a booth in convention center it’s better to have some nice and special business cards printed for that event with the same theme or your booth information on it such as table number or event name, something that will remind recipient where they got your card.
As you start to get low on our business cards it’s time to call HikePrint. We will be happy to take care of your business and printing needs.