Let’s think about the reasons to invest in business cards. You know that they are great to network with other individuals in your field, they help to increase your company name and brand recognition. A right business card can give your small business or job title an air of legitimacy. Most of business owners are confused about how many business cards they need to order every time. If you ask these couple questions from yourself you should be able to determine just how many business cards you will need.

Am I looking for a new career?

This is an important question. If you have a large network of professionals, friends or family and you made a decision to find a new career or you have a freelancing opportunity, then you will come in contact with a lot of individuals and more business cards will be required.

Do you change careers or phone numbers frequently?

If you are living in a rental home (in case of home business) or you rent your office location for short period of time and you move regularly or you change you phone number often because of your job as well as your email address more than once a year, you may not want to order too many business cards at a time.

Do you physically meet with clients often?

If you work primarily online and your network of professionals is not constantly changing, then you won’t have many opportunities to exchange business cards with others. That does not mean you don’t need business cards but not too many.

Do you use flyers to promote your business?

If you advertise your services and products using flyers, postcards or even online that means you reach your customers before you meet them and they may already have your contact information in their contact list. It means you do not need to order too many business cards unless there is extra information on your business card that your customers need to be informed.

What information do you put on your business card?

If you are using both sides of your business card and you put information about your offered services or something like appointment time and date then you should consider ordering more business cards as they will work more of advertisement tools for you.

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