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  • Event Tent


    Just in time for summer, the 10 foot Event Tent is the next level in outdoor advertising. Achieve 360 degrees of branding with a custom full fabric dye sub canopy and hardware package. Canopy is printed and sewn Weather Resistant Tent Polyester. Print your brand message on each of the four peaks and valance panels. […]

  • Event Tent Full Wall


    A great addition to your event tent. To cover the back of your event tent you can order a full color tension fabric that hangs on the back of your tent and it’s a great way to present more product. This is a perfect backdrop for your outdoor or indoor display. Full wall graphics attach […]

  • Event Tent Half Wall


    Take it to the next level and use the available space for more exposure. A half wall graphic can separate your tent from the others and sometimes covers the areas that you don’t want to be visible from sides of the tent. It’s a great addition to the sides of your event tent. The graphic […]

  • Event Tent Flag


    With the flag addition to your tent be visible more than it is. You will stand out more between your competitors, and will be easy to find from far away. Full color Fabric Dye-Sub flags are digitally printed single or double-sided. Our Flag Connectors are specifically engineered hex clamps that snugly fit with our heavy […]

  • Carrying Bag w/ Wheels


    Upgrade to our Carrying Case w/ Wheels. Our premium tents are durable but heavy, this case offers multiple hands for easy maneuvering, compartment for your graphics and accessories, dual casters so you could roll effortlessly from event to event. Features: Dual hard rubber casters Hardware compartment Graphics and Accessories Compartment Multiple handles for easy transport.

  • Event Tent Half Wall Hardware


    Half Wall Support Pole spans between the tent hardware and clamps to keep your Half Wall graphic straight and secure. The pole is telescopic to fit within your carrying case with the tent hardware and extends to clamp to tent legs. Package includes 2 Hex Clamps (1 Straight and 1 Offset) to secure to tent […]

  • Event Tent Flag Holder


    Flag holder hardware allows you to secure your flag to the leg of our premium aluminum hex frame. Package includes metal flag adapter that fits into the base of your flag pole and two Hex Clamps (1 Straight and 1 Offset) for use on any of the four tent legs.

  • Sandbags


    4 Pieces of Sandbag Nylon sandbags allow you to add weight for stability in all conditions. Just fill sand or other ballast and use the velcro ties to secure the saddlebag construction to the hardware legs. Each set includes 4 bags, each bag has two sand compartments. Capable of holding 19lbs. of sand each for […]