Your business card is one of the most important marketing tools that you should have on you all the time. You never know when you will meet someone who might be interested to buy one of your products or ask for your services. One of the common mistakes business people usually make is to carry business cards in their wallets. Over time, business cards carried in the wallet will start to decompose and they will wind up looking less professional when you hand them out to the people you run into.

Tip: If you have to carry your cards in your wallet, at least make sure they are clean and fresh before going to that fancy event.

The best way to carry business cards is in a separate business card carrier. These are smaller than a wallet, but they are designed specifically to protect your business cards and prevent them from tearing.

A small investment in a business card carrier will help you to retain the professional look of your business cards and present the proper image to customers. When you order your next set of business cards from HikePrint, be sure that you ask about a card carrier. Even the card carrier can be very impressive and it can have its own impression to your customers. You can have your business card carrier personalize in a very unique way. You can get something that is very simple but effective, or you can buy a fancy carrier with your or your company name engraved on it and use it as a conversation starter with prospective clients.