Having a high quality letterhead is a benefit to your business by itself as it represents the image of your company. Usually large businesses are using letterheads and this is when a lot of small businesses forget about the advantages gained by using them. Some of them don’t know about the benefit of using letterheads or even don’t believe that it may have effect on their business. Letterhead can improve your company’s image, increase your website traffic and many benefits in between.

How a letterhead can improve company’s image?

Consumers will notice that a company is using a high quality, customized letterhead with company’s logo and information printed on it. This makes them to look at the business in a more professional manner. Using a customized and unique letterhead with a high quality paper and print helps consumers recognize the effort that a company puts forth when it comes to implementing marketing techniques, and consumers appreciate this effort. When you value your business and brand it will have positive impact on your consumers.

Customized letterhead and increase in brand awareness!

Having a custom-made letterhead helps businesses increase their brand awareness. Instead of having letters written on simple paper with no logo and contact information on it use one with preprinted high quality logo and present your company logo and brand the way it should be. Give value to your company and logo and you will see the effect of that simple decision in your business. Do not use low resolution or bad quality logo in your communications. Ask a professional graphic designer to recreate and redesign your logo in right size and format and ask HikePrint to print your letterhead on 70lb smooth white paper instead of 20lb regular copy paper. Some companies put their jpg format low resolution logo in Microsoft word program, type their letter and print with inkjet printer to send to their high class consumers. Compare that with printing your letter on thicker paper with high quality logo and nice layout letterhead. If you like the final product and you enjoy using it, it means your customers will like it as well and definitely it will have positive impact on them.

Increase in brand awareness assist businesses in boosting their customer count levels, as well as their profit margins.

Letterhead and the increase of website traffic or social media!

Companies that include their website address in their customized letterheads or the address of their social media such as facebooktwitter or blogs tend to receive an increase in their website traffic; this leads to an increase in profit levels.

If you are interested to get more information in regards to customized letterheads, contact us here at HikePrint today and we will discuss the options to help boost your business.