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Let’s be a little different, some out-of-the box ideas, let’s stand out more than others and competitors. The reason we offer special shape products is to give an opportunity to our customers to be different in their field. With our special shape products you can make the best and long lasting impressions. With a very nice and clever design you can impress your customers and targets.

You can choose from our wide selection of versatile special shapes, and design unique business cards and postcard for a lasting impression here at HikePrint.

Special shape print products can be the best hand our flyers. Just because of the unusual shape of these promotional items, people will pay more attention to them. The will read the content and even if they are not interested on your services or product they will be curious to know which company used the idea of that kind of shape or marketing strategy.

At this time we have 6 different shapes of business cards and postcards to offer:

For each shape different sizes and different paper types are available. Rectangular cards can be as small as 1.1”x2.75”. The largest size for special shape products is 4×6 standard postcard size and some can be 3.5×2 standard business card size.

The bleed and safe zone for special shapes is a little different than other standard shape product so it’s highly recommended to download the proper template from our template page and start the design using the template in order to have the correct size, resolution and color mode.

The UV coating (UltraViolet Coating) option is available for the color sides for special shapes. UV coating is a very glossy, shiny coating applied to the color sides of products and cured on a special machine using ultraviolet light. These special UV coatings harden, or cure when they receive ultra violet radiation.

UV coating makes the products eye catching.

Please note that you won’t be able to write on UV coated, so we put an option “No UV Coating on the back” in case you have product such as appointment cards, thank you cards or something that you need to write on it. There is no extra charge to put or remove UV coating option from your products.