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HikePrint is offering variety of label sizes to fit any kind of needs. Please contact us if you are looking for foil labels.

We print on Clear BOPP, White BOPP, White textured Estate #8, White Vinyl (Indoor/Outdoor) materials. BOPP stands for Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene which is a kind of plastic film. Adhesive covering is applied on the back side of the labels to be able to stick on different materials.

Usually all service providers would need labels if they guarantee their work and if they want their customers keep in touch with them. When you work on some equipment you can leave a sticker on it that carries your logo, phone number or contact information to make it easier for customers to contact you with any question, reorders or call for service.

Roll labels can be used for product labels carrying the product information such as canned products, plastic and paper packaging, wine labels etc.

The available size for each shape is as follow:

The available diameters for Circle roll label are:

  • 0.75”
  • 1”
  • 1.5”
  • 2”
  • 2.5”
  • 3”
  • 3.5”
  • 4”
  • 5”

The Oval shape has these available sizes:

  • 1.5×7.5
  • 1.5×2.5
  • 2×3
  • 3×4

A lot of different size for rectangular label is available:

  • 0.5×1
  • 0.5×2
  • 0.75×1.5
  • 1×2
  • 1.5×3
  • 2.5×1.5
  • 2.5×3.5
  • 2.5×4
  • 3×2.5
  • 3×5
  • 3.5×1.5
  • 3.5×4
  • 4×3
  • 4×5
  • 5×3.5
  • 5×7
  • 5.5×3
  • 6×6.5

The square labels are:

  • 1×1
  • 1.5×1.5
  • 2×2
  • 2.5×2.5
  • 3×3
  • 4×4
  • 5×5

And there is only one size available for Starburst (seal) shape roll label which is:

  • 1.625×1.625

You will also be able to choose wind position for your customer roll label. Wind position indicates how the rolls of labels are produced – so that the labels are facing in the right direction on the roll at the time of application. It is usually only important to specify a wind position when the labels are going to be machine-applied to an end product. This ensures that the applicator is receiving and dispensing the labels in the correct orientation for the container. If you are intending to hand-apply each label, wind position usually isn’t important.

To order roll labels at you need print ready artwork.

If you have the artwork ready just make sure it meets our requirement:

  1. Size is right (ex: 2”x3”)
  2. It includes bleed (ex: 2.1875”x3.1875”)
  3. It is designed in CMYK mode
  4. It has 300-350 dpi resolution
  5. It is in right format: TIF, TIFF, JPG, EPS, PNG, AI, PSD, and PDF

The required bleed for roll label is 0.09375” for each edge or 0.1875 for each dimension. So the total size for 2×3 roll label with full bleed should be 2.1875” x 3.1875”.

It’s highly recommended to use one of our templates to prepare your artwork so you would have the right size, resolution and bleed.

For more help you can also visit our “Preparing Files” page and if you still have question you can contact us via email at: or call us during business hours (PST)

We offer prepress services to our customer usually for free. If you have your artwork ready but it needs some changes or updates or set up correctly we can help you to get it done at no time.

We also offer graphic design services for our customers. You can fill out our design request form with your instructions and ideas. We will review and get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also email your requests to and explain your need and how you would like your stickers and roll labels to be designed.


Do not apply roll labels directly on food.

Roll Labels have not been approved for safety for use on food packaging or for direct contact with food.

Do not apply roll labels to already frozen materials.


Roll labels have adhesive on the back side that is a type of glue, which with slight pressure applied, makes the label stick to objects. There are different types of adhesives but here at HikePrint we are offering a general purpose permanent acrylic adhesive, not removable or repositionable.

If you try to remove the applied label it will be destroyed or it will leave residue on the object.

This adhesive generally adheres well to most corrugated, paper and plastic substrates but is not guaranteed to work for every application. Labels with this general purpose permanent adhesive can be applied at temperatures as low as 25 degrees – 35 degrees F. It has a service temperature range of -50 degrees to + 150 degrees F.


We offer five different shapes for roll labels at this time:

  • Circle
  • Oval
  • Rectangle (Round Corners)
  • Square (Round Corners)
  • Starburst (Seal)

HikePrint does not sell “pre-cut” roll labels. Every size offered is custom produced and die-cut after printing. The die cut is accomplished by using a die which is basically made up of cutting blades that are formed into the desired shape. The die will cut through the facestock only and not through the liner. HikePrint ‘s labels are die cut with a gap between labels. Gap is the distance from the bottom edge of one label to the top edge of the next label.


The desired outside diameter for rolls of labels printed for HikePrint customers is 5.5″. This is a common size that fits most hand-applied dispensers. The quantity per roll varies per label. The size and shape of each label determines the amount of labels that will fit onto a roll. If you have chosen a thicker material and heavier laminate, the quantity per roll will decrease. If your label is small or on thin premium paper stock, the quantity per roll could increase.

Fully automated label applications generally require a 12″ O.D. Currently this is not offered by HikePrint.

Roll Label Core Size:

All HikePrint rolls of labels will arrive wound onto 3″ cores. This is an industry standard and should work for most applications. Typically, the core size only matters when a label is being applied by an automated labeling dispenser. The dispenser’s construction may not allow for a 3″ core. It is suggested you verify a 3″ core will work with your application prior to ordering.

How to store the Roll Labels:

  1. Labels should be stored in a cool dry climate-controlled area
  2. If labels are stored where they may be exposed to moisture, they should be plastic wrapped or stored in fiber cartons for protection. Store them in a moisture controlled area 24 to 48 hours before using.
  3. Do not open individual packages until you are ready to use the labels.
  4. Do not stack cartons of labels more than four high. Stacking less than four high will prevent cartons from being crushed and causing damage to the labels.
  5. Do not double stack skids containing cartons of labels
  6. If banded on skids, break bands to relieve pressure on labels.