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Do you own a retail store? Are you presenting products in your store? Do you own your brand? And are your marketing your brand and logo? Are you proud of your products and does any one knows your product by looking at it? How do you manage to be heard in market? You probably need to tag your product with a high quality product that can represent your logo and brand in a best way.

Hang tags are like little flyer or card with a hole on top / left or right side allowing to be hanged to your product with a string. Hang tags can come like fold over cards as well (scored)

Please note that the strings are not included in the product and you may find them in some office stores.

Available Size:

Hang tags come in variety of sizes to be fit in your needs. However they all have 2” final width. The available sizes are:

2×2, 2×2.25, 2×2.5, 2×2.75, 2×3, 2×3.5, 2×3.275, 2×4, 2×4.25, 2×4.5, 2×4.75, 2×5, 2×5.25, 2×5, 2×5.25, 2×5.5, 2×5.75, 2×6, 2×6.25, 2×6.5, 2×6.75, 2×7, 2×7.25, 2×7.5, 2×7.75, 2×8, 4×3.25 Die-Score to 2×3.25 and 4×4 Die-Score to 2×4

Available Papers:

Our standard available papers for this product are:

  • 100lb Gloss Cover with Aqueous Coating (C2S)
  • 14pt Gloss Coated Cover with UV
  • 14pt Premium Uncoated Cover
  • 16pt Dull Cover with matte Finish
  • Recycled 100lb Dull Cover with Matte Finish.

UV Coating:

The UV coating (UltraViolet Coating) applied on the color sides of products which is a very glossy, shiny coating and cured on a special machine using ultraviolet light. These special UV coatings harden, or cure when they receive ultra violet radiation.

UV coating makes your hang tag eye catching.

On UV coated hang tag you will not be able to write with a pen, so we put an option “No UV Coating on the back” in case you need to put comment or price on your tag. There is no extra charge to put or remove UV coating from your product.

In case your desired paper is not available here at our website please contact us via email or phone to discuss. There are a lot of other kinds of paper such as Linen or Classic Crest papers that are not listed here but we can provide as your wish.

If you have designed your hang tag by yourself or a designer did it for you, please make sure it meets the requirement:

  1. Size is right
  2. It includes bleed
  3. It is designed in CMYK mode
  4. It has 300-350 dpi resolution
  5. It is in right format: TIF, TIFF, JPG, EPS, PNG, AI, PSD, and PDF

The required bleed for hang tag is 0.125” for each dimension or 0.0625” bleed on all four sides. For example a 2×4 hang tag with the full bleed should be 2.125”x4.125”.

If you are not sure what is this requirement you can download the right template from our template page and start designing your card or place your card into our hang tag template to make sure it’s in right size and resolution. It highly recommended to use a template to create your artwork as there is a hole in the final product and you can find the placement in the template.

Download the templates here

For more help you can also visit our “Preparing Files” page and if you still have question you can contact us via email at: or call us during business hours (PST)

Here at HikePrint we can also help you with the design to create a nice and professional looking hang tag for you. Simply visit our design request page fill out the design request form and we will contact you with questions. You can also send us your files, information or instruction via email: or call us during business hours at out toll free number 1-866-668-7415