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What is EDDM?

EDDM is the abbreviation of a widespread mailing type called Every Door Direct Mail. It’s an advertising technique targeted on specific areas divided by zipcodes. The area choosing tool provided by USPS also allows you to target your audience by age, income, and also separate between residential and business addresses. There are only specific sizes of postcards that are eligible for EDDM. On postcards section of our website, look for “EDDM eligible” note next to the postcard size that can be mailed as EDDM.


1. Bleed, Trim and Safe Lines.

– When setting up your artwork, make sure you follow the pre press golden rules. Knowing these steps will save your artwork being cut and damaged. To save you some time and nerves, you can download an already setup template for any type of printing material, including postcards.

Artwork Design

1. Quality over quantity.

Our experience has shown that postcards that have very few but high quality and bigger size pictures have a much higher customer turnout rate than the postcards that have lots of pictures in tiny sizes. Choose one stunning picture that you know will have a great impact on whoever picks it up.

2. Keep it short.

Imagine a person opening his/her mailbox and taking all the mails out. You have about 5 seconds to make a good impression on him/her with your postcard in order to not get discarded in the nearby trash can. People will read only very little part of your advertise. Keep your writings short, but to the point, and your card will be taken home.

3. Your postcard is not a canvas.

Sometimes it seems if you put a lot of colored writings in your artwork, it’s going to attract more people’s attention. The truth is, it does just the opposite. A lot of colors can make readers confused about what’s going on on the postcard, and feel disengaged. Fonts work the same way. Having too many variations in fonts will make your writings look messy and hard to follow. Keeping all simple and smooth is the key to a successful postcard design. Take a look at these two postcard designs…

4. Need help with artwork? HikePrint Graphic Design Team is there for you.

If you’ve run out of ideas on how to design your artwork or you have ideas but don’t know how to put them together, our HikePrint team of graphic designers will help you find the best design that fits your interests. On top of custom designs, we also offer online design services and design ready templates, which were created and designed thoroughly by our team to make your job quicker, in case you’re in a hurry. For more info about design and design templates you can email us at or call at 866-668-7415.

Print Production

1. Thick or Thin? Glossy or Matte?

These are some of the questions we ask our customers when they want to print items. For postcard mailing it’s essential to have a good thickness to avoid bending and damages caused during mailing and post office deliveries before they even get to residents’ hands. Glossy, matte, trifecta or uncoated papers are some of the options you can choose for your postcards. The coating might affect the colors of the artwork so we always suggest to advise with our expert team before deciding on the paper material. HikePrint also offers free sample packages, that include but not limited to major types of papers for all types of prints.

2. Ready, Set, Print!

HikePrint offers both offset and digital printing for your printing needs. It brings the highest quality on your table along with lower prices and fast turnaround time.

-For any questions on how to setup your artwork, or what color mode to use, in what resolution or format, you can visit our website “Preparing Files” section that will answer almost any question you might have.


1. Research

Before mailing your postcards, make a custom research to get to know each area and find the ones that fit your interests. For example, if you have a breakfast cafe and want to mail out postcards, you want to go more local and mail out in within your zipcode and the zipcodes next to your business, because people would prefer to go to a breakfast place that’s near their house, so they won’t have to drive long way early in the morning. Another point that local post office allows you to do is to mail out either residential areas only or business and residential together. Again, you can decide based on the criteria of your business. Make sure you create an account before proceeding to step 2.

2. Paperwork

After the prints and research are done, and you’re ready to mail out, some paperwork provided by USPS needs to be filled out in order to mail the postcards. The paperwork can be found at USPS website, after you’ve chosen the areas of mailing and paid for them.

This is how EDDM mailing area search site looks like

3.Hit the road Jack!

Now you’ve got the paperwork done, postcards assorted and ready to be delivered to post office(s). Make sure your postcards are in bundles of 100 and all of them have their proper paperwork inserted into the bundles.

4. Too much of a headache?

HikePrint team will take that headache from you, by offering to do all mailing services starting from area code search and ending with deliveries to post office(s), so that you can spend your time on more valuable things. Ask us how, by simply calling at 866-668-7415 or emailing us at

About Us

HikePrint is Las Vegas based printing shop that has been providing printing, graphic and web design services to its local and out-of-state customers for more than 8 years. Located in the heart of the sin city, where all the nations gather and meet each other, HikePrint has also specialized in convention printing, offering trade show packages, including banners, signs, posters, A frames, banner stands, table cloths and etc. We’re one of the top rated printing companies on Yelp throughout the whole Las Vegas area and the years of excellence can be found in the number of five star reviews provided by our customers.