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Custom Rolodexes are some professional marketing tools that can be as much effective as the desk calendars.

Rolodex  is combination of two words; rolling and index, a rotating file device used to store business contact information.

At HikePrint we can print a custom rolodex for your business with your message, your logo and your brand on it. It can be full color and one side only or full color front and black and white on the back or full color both sides.

Some people have hard time to keep business cards on their wallet or on their drawer. With rolodex you are giving them an opportunity to file your contact information right on their desk and organized.

A very nice and clean design with some helpful information regarding businesses or things that your customers may need them on daily bases is a great marketing idea. If you are a doctor maybe some healthy quotes and advises to remind people who visited you for a different reason can also remind them about your services or how you can help them to get in track. If you are a personal trainer maybe some inspiring words can make your customers believe that you are with them all the time and they are not left alone.

The rolodex can be used as address book, phone book, contact list or index cards.

The standard size of rolodex is 2.6×4 and it’s printed on 4×5.5 cards then perforating to the final and standard size.

The available paper stocks for Rolodex are:

  • 14pt gloss coated cover with UV (C2S)
  • 14pt Premium Uncoated Cover
  • 16pt Dull Cover with Matte Finish
  • Recycled 100lb Dull Cover with Matte Finish

To order rolodexes at you need to have print ready artwork.

If you have the artwork ready just make sure it meets our requirement:

  1. Size is right (ex: 2.6”x4”)
  2. It includes bleed (ex: 4.1”x5.6”)
  3. It is designed in CMYK mode
  4. It has 300-350 dpi resolution
  5. It is in right format: TIF, TIFF, JPG, EPS, PNG, AI, PSD, and PDF

The required bleed for rolodex is 0.05” for each edge or 0.1 for each dimension. So the total size for rolodex with full bleed should be 4.1” x 5.6”.

It is highly recommended to download the rolodex template from our template page prior to your design and file submission.

You can place your card into the template to make sure it’s in right size and resolution.

For more help you can also visit our “Preparing Files” page and if you still have question you can contact us via email at: or call us during business hours (PST)

We offer prepress services to our customer usually for free. If you have your artwork ready but it needs some changes or updates or set up correctly we can help you to get it done at no time.

We also offer graphic design services for our customers. You can fill out our design request form with your instructions and ideas. We will review and get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also email your requests to and explain your need and how you would like your rolodex to be designed.

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